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If you need to be in the hospital for any reason, you want the communication between your provider and your hospital streamlined. At Premier Health Consultants of Northern Virginia, in Reston, Virginia, Kavita Namjoshi, MD, leads her team in hospital-based services to ensure you get the optimum care you deserve. To learn more about how hospital-based services can benefit you, call today or book your appointment online.

Hospital-based services Q & A

What are hospitalist services?

Hospitalist services allow the team at Premier Health Consultants of Northern Virginia to streamline the communication and care between your primary care physician and your inpatient hospital experience. Your hospitalist orders necessary tests and procedures and coordinates consultations with Dr. Namjoshi.< /p>

Your information stays cohesive between your hospitalist and Dr. Namjoshi to give you a superior level of care.

The growing specialized program of hospitalist services promotes efficiency in your hospital stay, can reduce your length of stay, promote a successful outcome, and increase your overall satisfaction level.

What do hospitalist services provide?

When you’re in the hospital, your hospitalist stays in contact with every specialist involved in your care. Tests can be arranged quickly and assessed in a timely manner, as well. The program can offer you a faster road to recovery.

If you have questions about any health concerns, tests, results, or anything else regarding your stay in the hospital, you can talk to your hospitalist in person as often as you’d like. You can count on honest answers, and they can provide information to your family with your permission, if you choose.

How do hospitalist services work?

Once you’re admitted to the hospital, your hospitalist immediately coordinates your care with Dr. Namjoshi and the team at Premier Health Consultants of Northern Virginia. From there, your hospitalist and provider stay in close contact to monitor the condition of your health.

Once you’re discharged, your hospitalist sends all of your records to Dr. Namjoshi and provides her with your follow-up care information that might include medications and other treatments.

What are the benefits of hospitalist services?

Your hospitalist has extensive experience as a medical professional and understands the care you need. They also know how the system in the hospital works, which benefits you.

A hospitalist stays in the hospital, making the ebb and flow of communication easy and convenient. They can answer your questions and monitor your condition closely. They can also be in close contact with other physicians who may be running tests or otherwise involved in your care.

To learn more about hospitalist services, call Premier Health Consultants of Northern Virginia today, or request a consultation online.

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