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  • This was my first visit to Dr. Namjoshi. Everyone is very friendly, welcoming, and professional. My previous history was covered in-depth. I felt that my concerns were addressed, labs were explained very well to me, and I was very pleased with all of the people in the office and the care I received.

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    ~ Tammy Hebner

  • I had my first appointment today and found Dr Namjoshi to be especially thorough and professional. Additionally, she was pleasant throughout our appointment, was interested in my opinions, and welcomed my questions. It was refreshing to meet with a doctor who seemed sincerely interested and was willing to take the time necessary understand my history. I look forward to continuing with her as my primary physician.

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    ~ Richard Norman

  • I had two difficult back surgeries. My concierge doctor retired before my surgeries. Dr Namjoshi was assigned as my primary care doctor by my surgeon. She was amazing while I was in the hospital. Everyone at Reston Hospital knew and respected her. She was there every day checking on me. I was so impressed that I asked her to be my permanent primary care doctor. I’m constantly impressed with her level of care. She’s so kind, very thorough during my office visits. Her staff is also kind and considerate. I was so lucky to get her as my primary care doctor.

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    ~ Pat Kelly

  • Dr. Namjoshi’s care was fabulous. She helped me feel relaxed and her team was very thorough. I feel like I’m in excellent care here. I would highly recommend her! Thank you!

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    ~ Michelle Monger

  • Dr. Namjoshi is an excellent physician. She pays attention to detail and doesn’t rush you. She listens carefully and works on finding solutions.

    I cannot say enough about her. I have been to many doctors in my lifetime and I can honestly say she is one of the best. If you need a great doctor, you would do yourself a great disservice if you did not see Dr. Namjoshi.

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    ~ Lauren Edmonds

  • Dr. Namjoshi is one of the best physicians I have ever seen. She is intelligent, thorough and knows her medicine. She has excellent follow up and bedside manor. I am most lucky to have her as a primary care physician! Her assistant Dash is wonderful and kind! Do yourself a favor and choose this practice! You will not regret it.

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    ~ Lauren Newton Edmonds

  • Dr. Namjoshi is very thorough in her exam. She is very caring and concerned about my health issues, and carefully assessed the issues. She made several recommendations for detailed blood analysis and other tests pertaining to patient health problems.

    She recommended specialists for additional tests and assessments. I strongly recommend her as family physician to any one.

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    ~ Dash Sayala

  • Dr. Namjoshi is simply the best. Takes the time to listen to you, answers any questions and explains everything and makes sure you understand!

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    ~ Mary Beth Pittinger

  • Comfortable discussing medical issues with her.

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    ~ K Giles

  • Dr Namjoshi was pleasant, well versed and made me feel very comfortable with her level of excellence.

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    ~ Dennis Juran

  • My first appointment today was wonderful and exceeded my expectations. Dr. Namjoshi competently diagnosed and prescribed treatment of today’s issue as well as two referrals needed for another doctor and a specialist. I look forward to Dr. Namjoshi bring my primary physician coordinating my healthcare.

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    ~ kathryn whitener

  • Professional and detail oriented. Researches your history in order to offer her best recommendations for treatment. Very impressive.

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    ~ Karen D

  • She took a lot of time with me. She was very explanatory and made me feel very welcome.

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    ~ Laura Juran

  • I went to Dr. Namjoshi for the first time. She took my vitals (which at other practices is taken by the nurse). She took time to review my medical history and understand my health issue. She explained the treatment plan in simple terms and promptly sent to me via email.

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    ~ Neeta M

  • Very pleased with the first visit today. Dr Namjoshi was very thorough, very caring, and very much a patient’s advocate.

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    ~ Stella Fonjoe

  • Dr Namjoshi did quite well managing a complicated diagnosis

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    ~ Jay Smithy

  • Dr Nomjoshi is truly amazing ! She gives undivided attention to every patient. Her bedside manner is what we all need ,when we're under the weather ! She'll put a smile on your face.

    ~ Heather K M.

  • This was my first visit and I am very glad I was referred here. The staff is warm and friendly. It’s been a long time since I have seen a physician this invested in patient care and spending the time to get the details. I am very impressed.

    ~ Amy H.

  • Excellent. Clinical questions answered in terms non medical professional can understand.

    ~ Linda W.

  • It was a very good visit dr Namjoshi took her time explained me and answered my questions to my satisfaction . I was very satisfied , office personable is prompt and helpful.

    ~ Vaneeta B.

  • Dr. Namjoshi and her staff are the best! Dr. Namjoshi is very kind, knowledgeable, thorough, and takes the time to address all of my questions. She is very passionate about her job and truly cares about her patients.

    ~ Shadi S.

  • Dr.Kavita Namjoshi is a very popular and wonderful doctor.I referred my mom to Dr.Namjoshi we trust her with our lives,anything she said that she is going to do she does.I love her

    ~ Mary G.

  • Dr Kavita Nomjoshi is very patient, listens and very thorough great experience.

    ~ Heather M.

  • Wonderful!! Dr. Namjoshi is the best!! Props to Dash for making this appointment happen. She is an outstanding addition to her staff!

    ~ Arlene R.

  • I was very pleased with the service Dr. Namjoshi provides. She is detailed in her explanation and made me feel extremely comfortable.

    ~ William K.

  • Dr. Namjoshi is clearly very caring and aims to care for patients holistically. She took the time to review the history, connected the dots instantly and suggested a care plan. Very happy, and thoroughly recommend.

    ~ Vibha B.

  • She’s been great every time. She is very understanding and patient and happy to explain things in a way I understand.

    ~ Ryan B.

  • Dr. Namjoshi is a wonderful doctor. She is genuinely caring. She spent a lot of time with me to understand my health issues and explained the treatment plan to me in a simple to understand language. I have recommended her to all my friends.

    ~ Manisha G.

John McKinley's Story

  • Poor
    In my first interaction with Dr. Namjoshi and the Premier Health Consultants of Northern Virginia team, I felt "cared for" and not just the next number to scratch off the list. After tests were run, Dr. Namjoshi, sat with me to explain what the test were for, what the expected results were, where my results were on the scale, and the actions I needed to take to experience good health. When I returned, I felt like I was having a conversation with a friend and accoutability partner, not just a hired professional. When I walk into the office, I am always greeted with a smile. Glad to call Dr. Namjoshi my primary care physician.

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